Emerald Tide

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First Referenced:

The Desolate Guardians (Part 3)

First encountered on Jonathan Cortin's Earth, the Emerald Tide is a green (emerald) colored body of water capable of defying normal physics by flowing against gravity. Typically three to four feet deep, it coats and flows over all obstacles in its path, apart from the largest and strongest upright structures, which it seems unable to coat.

Falling into or underneath the Emerald Tide can prove fatal, as it becomes impossible to reach the surface (and open air) due to the water coating the individual completely, resulting in drowning. The Emerald Tide does not seem to display any traits of sentience or malice, rather the physics of its originating universe seem to be atypical to most universes, resulting in its unusual properties.


Very fast moving emerald colored water, originating from a dimension with a dark red sky and high frequency thunder. Generally exists in depths of three to four feet, but will coat most objects, defying standard laws of gravity and surface tension. Is limited in its ability to coat objects, and will not flow over large columns, towers or upright structures.