Sniper Plant Pod

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'I'm not insane. There really is an otherworldly threat out in the woods.'

The Sniper Plant Pods are small, pod-like plants that can shoot a high velocity dart over a significant distance. These darts are capable of piercing and penetrating organic material such as wood and trees, and is also capable of puncturing metal objects and brickwork.

When originally encountered by a maintenance worker, the Sniper Pods were largely out of phase with that reality. As a result the darts they fired would often pass harmlessly through solid matter, and would only cause damage when briefly phased into that reality. As the darts would continue to phase in and out of reality, they would take chunks of matter with them, resulting in pits, or holes within previously solid objects.


Small, plant-based spiked organisms, capable of firing darts over a significant distance at high velocity. Dangerous both while out of phase and in phase with a given reality, but otherwise able to be destroyed through conventional means such as fire, when completely in phase with the affected reality.