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First Referenced:

The Fountain of Youth (Part 3)

Dan Shaw was the older brother of Ward Shaw (The Sword). He spent the vast majority of his adult life affected by drug addiction, which caused considerable damage to both his brain and body. After his encounter with the Regeneration Core, he regained his full faculties, and was able to comprehend the harm he had caused his family through his years of drug addiction.

He later identified that he had previously had dreams of the Regeneration Core's reservoir of biomass, suggesting his descent into drug addiction may have been due to long term low level exposure to the bitterness and pain of the dying Multiverse Titan that formed the Regeneration Core.

Dan accompanied Ward Shaw (The Sword) in preparing to destroy the Regeneration Core through the use of stolen high explosives. He subsequently sacrificed himself by detonating the explosives manually, inadvertently triggering the release of the core, which was then destroyed by military aircraft.

Traits: Initially drug addicted, later cured by the Regeneration Core. Stubborn, and ready to sacrifice himself when he believed it was necessary. Prone to self-loathing and displayed self-destructive tendencies.