Multiverse Titan

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First Referenced:

The Fountain of Youth

A Multiverse Titan is an entity that lives outside normal space-time, in dimensions where universes can be described as individual bubbles. This space between universes is described as an ocean by the Titan that Ward Shaw (The Sword) connects to inadvertently while its Regeneration Core prepares to emerge and trigger a regrowth of the Titan's full self.

The Multiverse Titan's kind are thought to be extinct, utterly destroyed by the apparently random wild flailing of The Devastation, which also damaged the Outer Shield of human space through a glancing blow, and was thought to have completely destroyed the Yngtak home universe. The Devastation is known to have utterly destroyed a vast tract of realities within the multiverse through direct impact.

Traits: Organic in some form, and extremely large, taking the equivalent physical space of several universes in the multiverse. Conscious and caring, to an extent. Capable of compressing their being and memories down to a single dendrite or neuron, which while massive in its own right is capable of rebuilding the entire organism when sufficient biomass and life energy is available.