The Hunger

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First Referenced:

Our Final Acts (Part 5)

The Hunger is an entity that exists to consume, craving the memories and experiences of all other entities that exist in the multiverse. It has existed across all of time and all realities, even above that of the Multiverse Titans. It has both physical and non-corporeal sub-projections of itself in the form of Animal Shadows and Shadow Entities, also known as Hunger Shadows.

As its existence is essentially infinite, it has witnessed the same series of events leading to The Crushing Fist, along with multiple variants of the human populated multiverse occur potentially an infinite number of times. It utilized this knowledge to show Cristina Thompson the reality of her situation against The Crushing Fist, leading her to determine its true nature.

Traits: Infinite and indestructible. Sadistic and mocking of its victims.