Chronology of Events - The Author (AKA Noah Fulmer)

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Early Life

Originally grew up in Virginia.

Moved to American Midwest (Ohio) from the East Coast near the Appalachian Mountains (Virginia) at some point during early teenage years.

Age: Approximately 14 years old

Encountered spectral or ghost-like entity in 'The House Beyond The Edge' with Chris and Caitlin, as well as another german boy called Hans. As discovered by Noah Fulmer, the spectral entity was only able to be perceived while the eyes were kept closed, which assisted the group in successfully escaping the area.

Approximately two years later, again with Chris and Caitlin, encountered a number of Bright-eyed Mimics in 'The Gorge', which are capable of mimicry and are apparently carnivorous.

Age: Approximately 16 years old

Indeterminate length of time, no more than a few months after the events of 'The Gorge', Noah Fulmer utilized his abilities in detecting and tracking apparent supernatural phenomenon within his school. Successfully tracked entities in the school library, and a disheveled homeless man in the gymnasium. Developed rivalry with another classmate, Josh, due to his relationship with Caitlin.

Approximately two years later (approximate age 18 years old), Noah Fulmer was in the start of his eleventh grade at highschool, the events of 'Detour' took place. Chris was now dating Caitlin, and Noah Fulmer was dating a girl called Nicole. After detecting a supernatural phenomenon while driving, the group found itself translocated hundreds of miles from their previous location in Ohio to Western Virginia, where they encountered multiple living corpse entities and a river-based creature that fed on animals stuck in the water.

Shortly after the events of 'Detour', Noah Fulmer, Chris and Caitlin encountered the Quantum Duplication Rift/cleft and were duplicated by it. The doppelgangers, or left path copies of the group were captured by a spider-like entity which took them to a cave for later consumption. After being deliberately abandoned to their fate by the right path copies at the prompting of the right path copy of Noah Fulmer, the left path copy of Noah Fulmer escaped his fate through unknown means. The status of the left path Chris and Caitlin is currently unknown.

Later Life

Age: Unknown

First entered The Back Paths with Mike in search of a lost seven year old girl. No clear indication whether this incident occurs for the left path or right path copy of Noah Fulmer, but occurs after development of the 'Hunter' personality. Properly encounters parallel universes and GLORWOC for the first time. After successfully escaping the entity inhabiting The Back Paths with the lost seven year old girl, Noah Fulmer discovers the missing child has already been found, and suspects the child found in The Back Paths to be a non-human hostile entity. Whether it is actually non-human is currently unknown.

An unknown length of time later, starts conversing with Heath during the events of 'The Desolate Guardians'. Communicates the reality of Heath's situation to him, but then backtracks after realizing the fear and pain it causes him.

Approximately a month after the events of 'The Desolate Guardians', the right path copy of Noah Fulmer has been undergoing a type of psychic or telepathic interrogation by unknown assailants, along with his left path doppelganger and a number of other people including Jay and Roger. Released from this state by the Shadow Entity, both copies of Noah Fulmer along with the rest of the people being interrogated subsequently teamed up with the children from 'The Portal in the Forest', including the Brownshirt Thomas, in order to rescue Cristina Thompson.

One variant of Noah Fulmer participated in a rescue attempt to rescue Cristina Thompson from Teskoy Prison. The activities of the other variant are largely unknown, apart from working with Heath to establish a network link to The First World. After attempting to rescue Cristina Thompson from Teskoy Prison, one variant of Noah Fulmer remained with Cristina Thompson, Conn Thompson, Vasiliev Blaku and The Sword on The First World, prior to the beginning of its destruction.

The second copy of Noah Fulmer left The Council to join Conn Thompson and Cristina Thompson after her exile following the destruction of The First World. He then duplicated himself using the Quantum Duplication Rift/cleft to create upwards of two thousand further duplicates, forming an army that traveled to each of the ten Branch Worlds.