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'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left.'

Ethan is a client of Conn Thompson, who has provide bodyguard services for a number of years since leaving the military. He is rich and carries some influence in military and political circles as he is able to successfully get Conn Thompson back into the military at short notice. He is 25 years old and also drives a red Lamborghini.

He provided Conn Thompson with a cigar prior to him being exiled from The First World, which contained a metal chip similar to that given to Alek by the Brownshirts. While this may have been in return for Conn Thompson helping him handle an issue with his mother, it would appear he has ulterior motives, as he has continued to assist Conn Thompson even after his return to The First World from Teskoy Prison and exile, and unlike the typical residents of The First World, he does appear to be concerned with The Crushing Fist and the survival of the people outside the Inner Shield.

Ethan was able to successfully escape The First World prior to its destruction. Thanks to his assistance and willingness to try to help fight The Crushing Fist rather than succumb to apathy like so many other inhabitants of The First World, Conn Thompson now considers Ethan to be a friend, calling him "Buddy".

Traits: Rich and influential, also smokes cigars. Associates with other rich and influential individuals. Initially described as an asshole by Conn Thompson, his bodyguard. Does not demonstrate the typical apathetic traits of an inhabitant of The First World, demonstrating his willingness to try and help fight The Crushing Fist where possible.