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First Referenced:

The New Exodus Vanguard (Part 1)

Additional References:

The New Exodus Vanguard (Multiple parts)

Bill is a former farmhand. He is resourceful, a product of his upbringing in a poor household. The skills he learned as a child have helped prepare him for being part of The New Exodus Vanguard, where he has helped through hunting animals and gathering materials to help ensure the team's survival. At the time of The Crushing Fist, Bill lived alone, apparently with no siblings. His only other known relative, his mother, was killed by a Bright-eyed Mimic.

While Bill partnered with Lian Yen through a sexual liaison prior to departing the staging area, he was aware of her forced and faked behavior both during and afterwards, although he initially assumed it was due to his own shortcomings. While this didn't stop him caring for her, it did make him cautious and angry with her.

Bill appears to possess an innate ability to sense unusual phenomena, similar to Noah Fulmer, but less guided and specific. He was the first in the team who was able to detect a temporal anomaly in the form of a slow time bubble, as well as remember sequences of events disconnected from his own contiguous timeline (such as future or alternate events). He also has shown higher than usual resistance to various forms of mind control.

Bill has suffered injuries during his time in The New Exodus Vanguard, notably through infection by a Parasitic Mechabug, which began to take over and convert his body at a rapid pace. Through emergency surgery and high powered electrical shocks, Bill was saved from this fate by his squad mates, although not without sustaining deep emotional damage as a result.

Bill cares for Lian Yen deeply. Even after Lian was revealed to be insane and attempted to torture and kill him and his squad, Bill remained by her side and decided he would go with her if she was kicked out of the group. Edgar Brace Tells Lian to kill herself to stop the group from splitting apart and tosses her a gun. Bill jumps toward it to save Lian but doesn't reach it in time. Although it is revealed that the gun was unloaded and it was a test to see if Lian would kill herself for the team, Edgar still believes Bill holds a grudge against him.

After being captured by Her Glory and stuck on a conveyor belt, Bill panics, terrified of being converted into a machine, and needs to be calmed down by Mona Wygant, Edgar Brace, Kendrick Merrill, and Lian Yen. After calming down momentarily, the conveyor belt moves, Bill panics and uses his Amethyst Suicide Device. It is later revealed by Clint Alvarez that Bill is not dead, saying "He’s just very far away."

Traits: Resourceful and resilient, but also self-doubting. Has an innate ability to sense unusual phenomena. Afraid of being left behind due to his previous experiences with loneliness.