Crystalline Energy Lance

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First Referenced:

Connection (Part 6) (3rd party contributed story)

Additional References:

The New Exodus Vanguard (Part 8)

The Crystalline Energy Lance is a weapon, approximately six feet long and made of metal with various gems encrusting the surface. Two grips are located near the center of the staff, which contain a number of obsidian point. When gripped, the obsidian points will activate the lance, which projects two emerald green energy blades, one from each end of the lance. These energy blades are extremely sharp, proving capable of cutting sapphire effortlessly.

The exact origin of the energy lance is unknown, and is likely a fusion of more than one technology. The crystalline elements are likely to be from the Gemstone Hegemony, while the metallic components and construction style are more typical of humanoid species such as humans or the Yngtak.

In preparation for a major conflict with the machines of Her Glory, vast legions of Yngtak have been witnessed wielding Energy Lances. It is unknown whether the Yngtak acquired these from their home universe or travels, or whether they were provided by the Gemstone Hegemony to assist in the battle.