Cleansing Fire

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First referenced:

The Portal in the Forest (Part 5)

First encountered by the children working with Cristina Thompson in a failed attempt to dispose of the Soul Reader (Book) through an unstable portal. Due to portal instabilities, the children were able to cross from their world, but unable to return via the same path. The children were later rescued by Cristina Thompson, who directed them at a punishing pace to a secondary portal located 4.9 miles line-of-sight from the primary portal.

Traits: The Cleansing Fire is a technological construct, consisting of multiple orbital mirror satellites that focus and direct solar energy to create a continuous high temperature curtain of fire across the planet. Given the scorched surface of the planet has an obsidian finish, it is reasonable to expect the surface temperature to climb to at least 1274 degrees K while being cleansed.

Appears from rough estimates to circle the planet at approximately four miles per hour, although this would likely differ depending on geographic location on the planet, and the configuration of the orbital stations, as well as any residual temporal effects from the Temporal Bacteria.