Amber Five

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First Referenced (By Name):

Our Final Acts (Part 3)

Amber Five is a parallel version of Earth, enclosed within its own local shield in a fashion similar to The First World. It was one of a number of Branch Worlds grown in the creation of the Inner Shield and Outer Shield mechanisms by the inhabitants of The First World and the Brownshirts.

The shield of Amber Five suffered a partial failure due to the compression of The Crushing Fist, resulting in leaking radio and television transmissions originating from within the shield. Alek and a volunteer detachment traveled to Amber Five via Earth 44, but found that the Mictlan and other dangerous entities had already arrived and devastated the local population.

Alek successfully negotiated with the Mictlan in an effort to reach the backup shield generator facilities housed on the Branch World, as well as convincing it to join The Battle of the Capital Temple.

During the final stages of The Crushing Fist, Alek and a number of others assisted in attempting to strengthen the Outer Shield, prior to their evacuation.

Amber Five was presumed destroyed with all remaining population not killed by the Mictlan when it was used as a magnet to draw Inter-reality Dust away from the Outer Shield. It has however since transpired that the Branch Worlds not destroyed outright during The Crushing Fist have likely survived being used to draw off the Inter-reality Dust due to the way their shields collapsed under the pressure.