Blue Crystal Trap

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'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left. (Part 7)'

Encountered on The First World after the White Hole erupted during the failure of the Inner Shield. The origin of the Blue Crystal Traps is unknown, however they were likely contained within Teskoy Prison. They are described as mounds of blue crystal, approximately 6 feet tall and as wide as a car. Within each crystal is what appears to be a spinning energy of unknown form. Entities trapped within the crystals are transmitted at high speed between each crystal when the spinning energy within becomes aligned, with the trapped entity appearing to be in considerable pain. Cristina Thompson noted that trapped humans seem to never fade from the crystals, remaining ageless and unchanged apart from being in considerable pain.

The effects of explosives or other attacks on the crystals are unknown.

Traits: Apparently inorganic. Sentience unknown, however the spinning energy phenomenon within the crystal is able to convert matter into further energy, which is relayed and re-transmitted between nearby crystal clusters. Entrapment causes the victim to no longer age or die, as well as causing considerable pain.