Chronology of Events - Ward Shaw (AKA The Sword)

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Worked in construction.

First encountered the Regeneration Core after being shown what it could do by a colleague called Javier. The core had been buried under the Florida swamps for thousands of years, in a large cavern.

Second encounter with the Regeneration Core, this time also with Hugh. Took measurements of water, also discovered that contact with the water resulted in less body decay in the dream, signifying a stronger psychic connection with the dormant Multiverse Titan. Submerged completely in the water in the cavern in order to rescue a boy who fell in.

Third encounter with the Regeneration Core, this time bringing both Hugh and Ward Shaw (The Sword)'s drug affected brother Dan Shaw along. Discovery that the events of the psychic nightmare were due to occur on October 2nd, one week from their current day, and that all past people who had the dream had it in the same time period. Further discovery that the psychic nightmare caused by the Regeneration Core is actually the Multiverse Titan regrowing itself by consuming and digesting the entire solar system.

Fourth encounter with the Regeneration Core, although without indirectly accessing the psychic nightmare as in previous encounters. Exploration of the deep section of the cavern. First direct contact with the biological material created by the Regeneration Core and direct interaction with the psychic nightmare during an electrical flare from the Regeneration Core. Discovery that ongoing exposure to the regenerative abilities of the Regeneration Core results in unusual levels of physical growth.

Fifth and final encounter with the Regeneration Core. Discovery of its purpose and history, as well as the moment in which the Multiverse Titan was able to connect and project the Regeneration Core to that particular universe. Destruction of the Regeneration Core

Military Career

Ceased working in construction and joined Command.

Achieved rank of Brigadier-General.

Began working with Cristina Thompson across multiple worlds in the multiverse to try and protect the Inner Shield, Outer Shield and Branch Worlds.

Accepted implantation of a Purple bio-stone in the belief that it would further enhance his strength and abilities. Fell under complete control of Cristina Thompson.

Encountered The Ink on Earth 44, and commenced campaign against the inhabitants of The Ink, including the Mirror Octopus, Neural Mosquitos and the Preacher.

Encountered the Shadow Sphere within The Ink.

Attacked by mutineers lead by Vasiliev Blaku. With combined assault of rebels from Earth 44

Under control of Cristina Thompson, passed through the Shadow Sphere to various other universes and was changed by the living nightmare he experienced while passing through the sphere. Became proxy commander of The Black-eyed Army, which was made up of his remaining loyal troops which had also passed through the Shadow Sphere.

Post Command Military Career

Capture by The First World and forces of Command. Imprisonment in Teskoy Prison.

Encounter with Conn Thompson and Vasiliev Blaku in Teskoy Prison. Attempt of interrogation using the Soul Reader (Book) by Conn Thompson, triggering possession by the Shadow Sphere and subsequent destruction of the Teskoy Prison gateway facility. Escape to the surface of Teskoy Prison and reunion with Cristina Thompson.

Voluntary return to The First World, resulting in capture by the remnants of Command and subsequent attendance at trial.

Escape from trial due to complete collapse of society, brought on by the impending destruction of The First World.

Remained as protector of Thomas, Danny and the children, as commanded by Cristina Thompson.

After Cristina Thompson's actions to stop The Crushing Fist, the Purple bio-stone rejected his body, resulting in him removing it from his spine and regaining his individuality.

Joined with Jay, Noah Fulmer and a number of others in a controlled exodus as a defender of humanity, in order to locate raw materials, food and resources to rebuild across the multiverse.