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First Referenced (By Name):

'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left. (Part 1)'

Other References:

The Portal in the Forest

The Desolate Guardians

Our Final Acts


Cristina Thompson is the wife of Conn Thompson, and was head of the civilian consultants brought in to consult on The Ink and the many entities present within it. She is a native of The First World and had a daughter, Laura Thompson with Conn Thompson. Laura Thompson has been confirmed as deceased, although mirror copies of her have been found throughout the various realities in the multiverse by Cristina.

Cristina is described as having brunette hair, light brown eyes and high cheekbones, looking like she is aged in her early to mid thirties, although her actual age is unknown. She was previously a teacher during her pregnancy with Laura, and prior to her return to The First World.

Despite her caring and compassionate demeanor, she also exhibits aggressive and ruthless traits, as evidenced by her virtual enslavement of The Sword using a Purple bio-stone, through which she gave orders that lead to massive loss of life of Command troops while pursuing the Preacher. She is also responsible for the creation of The Black-eyed Army, which resulted from her sending The Sword and his remaining loyal troops through the Shadow Sphere to escape Earth 44.

Early History

In a teenage act of rebellion against her parents, Cristina left The First World using a stolen Metallic Chip to open a rift in the Inner Shield. From here she navigated the multiverse, often stealing food from farmsteads and moving to different realities when she drew police attention. During her travels she encountered a number of soldiers, which were ambushed and slaughtered by Bright-eyed Mimics.

Cristina subsequently met Conn Thompson, later falling pregnant to him with Laura Thompson. She decided to announce this to him while they were both fleeing Marsh Reavers in Florida. While pregnant, Cristina took a job as a school teacher during Laura's early years, as well as revealing her origin from The First World to Conn.

A number of years later, Cristina, along with her family returned to The First World. While there, both Cristina and Conn undertook treatment that made them clinically immortal. At this point Cristina was offered a job as a military consultant, due to the experience she had with the entities she had encountered while travelling the multiverse.

When Laura Thompson died, Cristina opted to bury her on one of the outer realities where she and Conn Thompson worked. This resulted in the Preacher stealing Laura's body and soul, and lead to Cristina's change from caring and compassionate to ruthless and violent through her pursuit of the Preacher.

During the events of the engagement with The Ink on Earth 44, she was shot, stabbed and beaten by a group of soldiers including Vasiliev Blaku, after he suspected she was going to tell The Sword of their plan to murder him.

Despite the violence of her attack and belief by Vasiliev Blaku that Cristina was dead, she survived her ordeal and escaped Earth 44 after being saved by the rebels of that world, who mistook her for another soldier, unhappy with the actions of Ward Shaw (The Sword).

During her subsequent nomadic existence in the multiverse, Cristina succeeded in accessing the Orthogonal Reality. In that unusual reality she found the Soul Reader (Book), which she then carried with her through to Danny's reality while seeking the Brownshirt Thomas. Due to the effects of the Orthogonal Reality, Cristina retained no memories of her time there or why she had traveled to Danny's reality, until they were forcibly pieced together by a Shadow Entity.

After arriving in Danny's world, she met a group of children, including Thomas, and encountered the portals created by him.

Recent History

In seeking to deal with the rampant portals created by Thomas in his damaged emotional state, she encountered the Soul Reader (Book) on a world destroyed by the Darkness Entity. The Soul Reader (Book) was of an unknown design to her, and given her background in advanced science and technology, suggests that it was not produced by The First World.

In an encounter with the Regret Demon, Cristina identified that something of value is contained within the dirt stuck to her shoes from a universe she traveled through. It is unknown what this valuable substance might consist of, or why the Regret Demon desired it.

During her exploration of a Portal hub facility while working with Heath, Cristina was transported to The First World, which resulted in her capture and incarceration in Teskoy Prison.

Her presence on the surface of the Teskoy Prison Earth suggests she either escaped her cell or was parachuted to the surface, prior to the gateway facility being destroyed.

After leaving Teskoy Prison with Conn Thompson and Ward Shaw (The Sword), Cristina was briefly incarcerated on The First World. She was then put on trial with The Sword, where it was revealed she was in control of his actions via the Purple bio-stone, and therefore responsible for the creation of The Black-eyed Army and the atrocities committed during the engagements on Earth 44.

Cristina is now dubbed 'The Double-Edged Sword', a derisive name previously given to Ward Shaw (The Sword). Through her past actions, as well as her unilateral actions to try and save the inhabitants of The First World from the White Hole and subsequent destruction of The First World itself after the detonation of a Dimensional Fracture Bomb, The Council has decided to exile her from the refugee camps on the Farming Worlds.

Cristina has subsequently journeyed to other realities, in an effort to undertake further high-risk activities to try and stop The Crushing Fist. She has maintained her link with Ward Shaw (The Sword), but has refused to divulge her activities to Danny, in order to protect him through the use of plausible deniability. When queried by Danny about GLORWOC, Cristina advised that all infected material should be permanently sealed off in another reality, such as those to be ejected from the Outer Shield. She is apparently aware that ejection of these realities from the protection of the shield would result in their near instantaneous destruction.

Cristina's original plan was to utilize the Branch Worlds to generate a new Outer Shield prior to the collapse of The Capital Temple shield generator. To further this plan, she assisted Noah Fulmer in duplicating himself using the Quantum Duplication Rift/cleft to create over two thousand copies of himself and various stolen Gemstone Hegemony weapons and equipment. After evacuating all other personnel from the Branch World shield facilities, she then learned her plan to strengthen the shield was futile, but also learned the true nature of The Crushing Fist. Her revised plan called for the ejection of the Branch Worlds from the Outer Shield, and she was apparently trapped during the process as the branch reality was crushed by the force of The Crushing Fist. Although a rescue was attempted by the Brownshirts, her last recorded status was of encountering the Regret Demon. Her current status remains unknown.


Survivor, with excellent hand-to-hand fighting skills. Highly intelligent, scientist, and capable of designing and developing mechanisms and tactics to fight unknown creatures from The Ink, as well as developing means to safely analyze the Soul Reader (Book). Effective trainer and instructor, having instructed Danny and the other children on how to survive and deal with unusual threats from the multiverse. Damaged through her past loss of her daughter Laura Thompson, which brought out a considerably more aggressive and ruthless side, which she expressed through her control of The Sword. Considered to be capable of terrifying things, even if for the greater good.