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First Referenced:

'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left.' (Part 1)

Additional References:

Our Final Acts (Part 3)

Sorkis was a member of The Black-eyed Army, and previously part of Command. While his past life is largely unknown, he is known to have previously had a child called Abby.

Sorkis was originally a member of Command, under Brigadier General Ward Shaw (The Sword). His loyalty was towards his country, although he had begun to doubt that his service was in the national interest prior to following the order to proceed through the Shadow Sphere to escape the rebels and military coup occurring on Earth 44. Transit through the Shadow Sphere transformed Sorkis, changing him into a member of The Black-eyed Army, which stripped him of much of his empathy and humanity.

As part of The Black-eyed Army, Sorkis fought in many battles with the aim of strengthening the Outer Shield, purely to deny the Shadow Entities the ability to prey on the weaker normal humans within. This aim later changed to one of pure survival, after the loss of Ward Shaw (The Sword) to capture by The First World.

Sorkis eventually fought and died in the battle of the Capital Temple, where he was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of normal humans fighting against The Black-eyed Army. During the battle and his death, Sorkis started to regain his humanity, remembering the concept of religion, the name of his child, and his own surname. After his death, the upper half of his mutilated body was retrieved by Danny, who used the Soul Reader (Book) to interrogate his soul and learn more of the history of The Black-eyed Army.