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Portal hub facility

First Referenced:

The Desolate Guardians (Part 5)

The portal hub facility is an enormous, mostly automated structure housing a large inter-dimensional portal generator (Techno-Portal), as well as other advanced systems such as an Dimensional Fracture Bomb production plant, semi-autonomous cargo transport vehicles and data storage systems.

Apparently used to transport vast quantities of resources for The First World, these structures now appear to be largely abandoned or running on skeleton crews such as in The First World. Many appear to remain operational, such as the facility encountered by Heath, which was originally targeted to The First World. When the portal generator was inadvertently activated by Heath, it sent Cristina Thompson and a deactivated fracture bomb to The First World, her original home.

When the site encountered by Heath was temporarily reactivated and re-targeted, a portal was successfully generated to Heath's universe, however the real end-point of this portal is unknown, as the perception of it was induced by the virtual world environment in which Heath was operating.