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First referenced:

The Portal in the Forest

Described as a lanky bespectacled boy in his early teens, Thomas is one of the children in the community first encountered by Cristina Thompson. While his precise background is largely unknown, the Soul Reader (Book) revealed that he is actually a Brownshirt, a descended being of pure energy disguised in a biological human form. He also claims to have a big sister who went to war, and returned in a similar mental state to Cristina Thompson. His mother, another Brownshirt, is apparently deceased. Prior to his descent to a biological lifeform, he had a number of siblings.

Initially a shy boy with no apparent friends, Thomas became a proper part of the group after accompanying Cristina Thompson to a version of Earth filled with hostile Corpse-things and successfully escaping subsequently. He assisted in training a first generation iWorker device in an attempt to dispose of the Soul Reader (Book), and also apparently got in a fight with another older boy, Danny, by trying to take the Soul Reader (Book) to a dangerous universe on his own.

Traits and abilities:

Despite being apparently biologically human, Thomas (like his Brownshirt brethren) can detect and interpret electromagnetic fields and signals to some extent. He is also capable of generating inter-dimensional Portals, however by his own admission is not very good at it, likely due to his young age and inexperience.