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The Desolate Guardians (Part 5)

A Techno-Portal is a variety of inter-dimensional portal generated through technological or electro-mechanical means. An example of such technology is that used by The First World in the Portal hub facility installations in use across the multiverse to transport cargo and personnel where it is required. This technology was first developed by Her Glory, during the foundation of The First World

When active, a Techno-Portal resembles a spinning vortex of metal on the generator side, interspersed with purple and white light. On the destination side it resembles a rift, characterized by a purple glow and spatial distortions. In the case of personnel and presumably cargo, the restraints used to provide stabilization are not transmitted to the destination, and remain with the mechanism.

As the portal collapses, the machine generating it spins down and resets, and on the destination side the portal recedes suddenly from the point of insertion.

Techno-Portals are different to the type of portal generated by Brownshirts, (see Portal (Brownshirt) for further information). They have a very limited active lifetime, requiring enormous amounts of energy to generate and maintain.