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N/A - Appears in some capacity in virtually all stories.

(Not to be confused with the author of the series, Matt Dymerski)

First appearing in The House Beyond The Edge, the Author, known as Noah Fulmer is the primary protagonist of many of the stories in the Multiverse series. Often working with his friends Chris and Caitlin, Noah has encountered a variety of supernatural phenomenon and entities.

Exact timelines remain unknown, and are further confused by the presence of a duplicate of Noah (Noah Two), which was created during the events of 'The Right Turn'. Also duplicated in this event are Chris and Caitlin when they all entered the Quantum Duplication Rift/cleft, however the status of these duplicates remains unknown.

At some point during the events of 'The Back Paths', Noah Two and a friend called Mike entered a pocket universe linking to multiple separate universes, including one infected by GLORWOC. This appears to have taken place after the duplication event in 'The Right Turn'. Both copies of Noah are able to remember the events of 'The Back Paths' due to an apparent connection between them, which leaves the primary copy of Noah with dream-like memories of his doppelganger's experiences.

Noah also appears to have a split personality of types, one being the normal personality, and the other described as a hunter. The hunter personality appears to be present in the doppelganger, Noah Two, who has been used as a tool, being modified, reprogrammed and refitted with differing tools and abilities by The Black-eyed Army. The exact utilization of Noah Two is mostly unknown, however the previous mission given to him prior to joining up with The Council and his primary version appears to have been to try and determine where humanity had gone after his world suffered a dimensional fracture event through its proximity to Jonathan Cortin's world.

One iteration of Noah has since returned to his home universe along with Cristina Thompson and used the Quantum Duplication Rift/cleft to create upwards of two thousand copies of himself, along with various high-powered weaponry and armor stolen from the Gemstone Hegemony. Notably, Noah is apparently immune to the effects of psychic influence, such as that used by the Preacher. The exact number of Noah duplicates is currently unknown.

Traits: Possesses the ability to detect or sense unusual or supernatural phenomenon, such as the Quantum Duplication Rift/cleft and the malicious entity dwelling around it, as well as the spectral entity in the basement of the "haunted" house, and the Dream Stealer in Beth Daschel's body accompanying Jonathan Cortin. More specifically, his ability seems to be that of detecting and perceiving the emotional state of a place, person or entity in and across both space and time. This ability transcends time itself, allowing him to detect past, present and future influences. This ability also appears to protect him from external psychic influences, such as the Preacher.

At some point he has developed a form of split personality, one of which was referred to as The Hunter. This is likely to be the same personality present in 'The Back Paths', created through his constant reprogramming and modification by The Black-eyed Army.