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The Desolate Guardians (Part 3)

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'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left.'

Command is the generic name given to the multiverse military force formed by The First World. Its operations extend to many different universes, and it works to maintain both the inner and outer shields around the area of the multiverse populated by humans. Command also builds, maintains and operates the Portal hub facility installations, along with other military installations such as those used for producing the Dimensional Fracture Bomb, and Teskoy Prison.

Command has vast human resources from multiple realities at its disposal, such as the force dispatched to the world of Jonathan Cortin to try and clean things up after a failed test of a device that turned out to be a Dimensional Fracture Bomb.

Despite being a huge, powerful military force, the structure of Command appears to have failed, with many military installations either abandoned or severely short-staffed by apathetic crew. Those still on the front lines have largely lost contact with their commanding officers, and graffiti in a farmworld Portal hub facility stating 'Why Bother' largely sums up the overall breakdown in Command as a whole.

Known active and previous members of Command include The Sword (a brigadier-general), Conn Thompson, Higgins, Vasiliev Blaku, Doran and Jonathan Cortin.